About Mike's

Mike's Merchandise is a business that has grown out of adversity to become a success story and inspiration. Mike Jones started out working with his dad, Ray, in their family machine shop business. Ray and Mike were intrigued by the auction business and began attending auctions in the area. The business soon grew as they acquired first machine tools and accessories, then other items that he could pick up at a good price and resale to bargain hunters. Soon dresses, ladies hats, books, shoes, toilet paper, paint, and evene lingerie were competing for floor space with the lathes, mills and presses of the machine shop. Instead of getting by until things got better in their old business, the Jones' had hit on a new livelihood that in the long run would prove even more successful.

The decision was made that Mike would take over the retail end of the business. When products from the auctions began to crowd out the machine shop the next decision was made - to move. The first move was to the 14,000 square foot former Ford dealership on Gunter Avenue. Soon, even this proved too small so Mike's Merchandise moved again in 1998 to its present location at the old Comptronix building, an old cotton mill that encompases more than 200,000 sq ft.

With the extra space Mike was able to expand the variety of merchandise he offered and grow his customer base. What makes Mike's different is that no matter how often you shop at Mike's, each time you walk in it is a "new" store. The constantly changing inventory offers new and interesting choices with every visit. The selections range from everyday to unique. The merchandise at Mike's on any given day can range from collectibles, building materials, paint, mattress, tarps, tools, toilet paper, name brand cloths, housewares, books, cleaning supplies, to the one of a kind. Customers have been able to find such crazy items over the years as F-16 airplane parts, coffins, complete scoreboard, gas pumps, Mike even got a live grenade in one time that a alert customer pointed out and we had to call in the national guard! You really never know what your going to find at Mike's, we don't even know.